Jas Constructions is part of Jas Group conglomerate. The group has been in its core business of hospitality and retail development for over 3 decades now, and has always enjoyed agreat amount of trust and loyalty from its patrons over the years.

Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Jasbir Singh Hura the group has successfully vertured into the areas of Housing & Real Estate, Hospitality, Automobiles, Distribution and Retailing, to name a few, and the success it has achieved in each speaks about the leadership, technical, managerial, financial competence and the quality of manpower, it possesses. Hotel Sheela Towers the flagship venture of Mr. Jasbir Singh set new standards for hospitality industry a decade back and created ripples when it opened and continues to maintain its leadership over a decade with its unmatched value proposition & service standards in Orissa and was awarded the Best Hotel in Orissa in year 2000.
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